And this is the story of my wellness journey

My name is Irena

I'm a 20 something year old living in Australia, with my high school sweetheart, chasing the sun and spreading the message of health and wellness.

in 2012 I embarked on a journey of self discovery

I finished school and found myself asking a lot of questions, what is my purpose?

What am I here to do? ​

What started as an obsession of getting abs which led to going to the gym, drinking protein shakes and eating tuna salads turned into a beautiful discovery

of holistic health.

I immersed myself into the teachings of natural health and well being. I felt empowered and immensely interested in holistic health and the way God created Mother Nature to provide us

with everything we need.

I since completed a certificate in Nutrition with Nature Care College and am currently in the process of completing a certificate in Naturopathy.

I am also an essential oil educator and founder of The Green Oil Tribe, my essential oil community where I empower people with the tools to take control of their health.


I invite you to join me on my continuous journey of life as I share my experiences, my learning and all the pieces in between.

Welcome to my world

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