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5 Reasons I love my doTERRA Network Marketing Business

As I sit here on a Monday morning e-mailing those who have decided to introduce essential oils into their home over the weekend, I can't help but have a grateful heart for my doTERRA business.

I feel inspired and want to share with you 5 reasons I LOVE my doTERRA network marketing business:

1. The difference I make in people's lives

This is the number one reason. This business makes it available to EVERYONE, no matter what their background, education or financial status is to make a difference in people's lives. I have helped a struggling mum get her little one to sleep through the night. I have made a difference to the life of a teenager, child and elder by helping them better cope with anxiety. I've assisted someone who experiences debilitating migraines and back pain reduce the discomfort. I have made a difference to people's lives simply by introducing them to these incredible essential oils.

2. I've made new friends and re-connected with old ones

Doing this business has allowed me to meet SO many like minded people, many more than I did by attending yoga classes and health seminars. Why? because I am the one putting myself out there and making myself visible to the world. I am the one hosting the classes, workshops and get togethers. I am the one who is reaching out to people first and starting the conversation. Some of my greatest friends and closest relationships today are with people I met through doTERRA.

The second blessing of this point is that I have re-connected with childhood friends and those I fell out of touch with. Re-connecting with old friends and having an excuse to rekindle our friendship has been beautiful. Life gets busy, we grow and lose contact with people we were once close to, doTERRA has given me back some beautiful and cherished friendships.

3. I can work from anywhere as long as I have Wifi and my phone

In the two years i've had my doTERRA business I have been on multiple holiday's including two overseas trips one being three months long. During this time I was able to continue running my business as per usual, even though I was in a different country spending most of the day at the beach with limited (and glitchy) Wifi. I can process enrolments, host classes and run the business with no worries through my phone (just ask my husband, I am often signing people up as we're in the car off to breakfast). Yipee! Did someone say flexibility?

4. I make money sharing a product I love

I am an over-sharer always have been always will be. Want to know what i've had for breakfast? Just check my instagram @greenwithirena and I will tell you. Curious as to what protein powder I use? No worries! I'll share my thoughts and which product I prefer. Wanna know if i've had a colonic? The answer is YES and i'd happily talk you through my experience because that's just who I am. I love to share my stories, experiences and thoughts with the world including what products I love and use every single day.

That's the reason I started 'doing doTERRA' in the first place. I found myself telling all my friends, family and social media following what oil I was diffusing for sleep, which blend helped me with anxiety, what oil I added to my skincare..before I knew it everyone was asking me how they could get their own essential oils. Now that's an accidental business ;)

5. The inspiring mentors and leaders I am surrounded by

Personal development (pd) has been in my life for over five years now and I am often reading, listening or watching something inspirational I can learn from. The one thing I didn't realise was how much personal development was encouraged in the network marketing world. During my time at doTERRA convention and incentive trips it is completely NORMAL to talk to other people about pd books and podcasts. Swapping recommendations and being around people who use pd as part of their every day life is inspiring. The mentors I have, live by example and work on themselves every single da inspiring me to do the same!

There you have it friends, 5 reasons I LOVE my doTERRA network marketing business. I could have gone up to 20 but we all have shit to get on with!

If you have any questions at all about doTERRA essential oils or starting your own network marketing business please reach out to me, leave a comment or e-mail me at greenwithirena@gmail.com

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