• Irena Gerakios

Essential Oils for Restful Sleep

At each essential oil class I can absolutely guarantee that I will be asked this question:

'What oils can I use to for sleep?'

Good health means regular restful night's sleep for you and your children. Sleep is the time in which our body rests, develops and processes. When we consistently lack restful sleep we put our health at risk.

Using essential oils is a natural, effective and affordable solution to getting sweet, deep sleep!

Essential oils can be used to help relax the mind and body in preparation for sleep. Often people struggle to switch off and stop the mind chatter that plays over in their head.

Here are my five favourite oils to use to promote restful sleep:

  • Lavender famous for it's ability to relax and calm the mind is one I recommend everyone have in their kit

  • Juniper Berry for those who occasionally experience bad dreams and night terrors

  • Vetiver to assist in grounding and relaxing the senses for a deep, restful sleep

  • Cedarwood to soothe the mind and body to help unwind for bed

  • Lavender Peace the beautiful restful blend of Lavender flower, Cedarwood, Ho Wood leaf, Ylang Ylang flower, Marjoram leaf, Roman Chamomile flower, Vetiver root, Vanilla Bean absolute and Hawaiian Sandalwood wood for those who want an effective solution to creating an environment for deep and restful sleep.

Using essential oils for sleep is easy, here are my favourite ways to use them:

  • Diffuse your choice of essential oils at least 30 minutes before bed, the aromatic molecules are dispersed into the air and inhaled. Once inhaled they travel through your nasal cavity and into the limbic area of your brain where they communicate with your cells and help your mind start to relax.

  • Apply 1-2 drops of selected oil to the soles of your feet and massage in. The molecules will enter your bloodstream within a few minutes and begin to work their magic.

  • Add 5 drops of essential oil to one cup of epsom salts and enjoy a calming, relaxing bath as you enjoy the aroma and relaxing benefits to prepar for sleep.

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