• Irena Gerakios

My Experience of The Gallbladder Flush

My mission in life is to be PROACTIVE about my health, eat nourishing foods, moving my body and doing weird cleanses like this is part of that..

Earlier this year I participated in the Gallbladder Flush. A way to gently cleanse the body, improve energy and regain vitality.

Reasons I did the flush:

+ Family history of Gallbladder issues/removal

+ Feeling sluggish and lethargic

+ Wanting to support my liver in detoxification

+ Wanting to be proactive about overall health and wellness

+ Guided flush with support

+ Lead by health professionals

In May we started our preparation month and the actual flush happened in June. I recorded a video all about my experience with the Gallbladder flush...watch here:

Next Monday 15th of October we will do another round of The Gallbladder Flush, if you'd like to join me and participate you can read through all of the information here: http://bit.ly/TheGallBladderFlush

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