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My Paleo Experience

About a month ago I was scrolling through my Instagram news feed (as I do) and came across someone's post sharing Pete Evans latest documentary 'The Magical Pill' was released. As someone who enjoys a lot of his Paleo recipes and has a huge interest in nutrition I decided to watch it. Safe to say that watching The Magic Pill changed my life.

From that afternoon I decided that I was going to try a fat adapted Paleo diet (way of eating) and give it a good go to see how it would impact my health and more specifically my energy.

This means I no longer eat processed foods, grains, dairy or legumes but focus on clean sources of protein, an abundance of low starch vegetables and quality sources of fat.

Last week was my one month anniversary of eating this way and sharing it with my audience on Instagram @greenwithirena (if you would like to follow along).

Throughout this time I have noticed huge differences in my health..They are:

+ An increase in energy

+ Complete mental clarity

+ Clearer skin

+ Better performance during my workouts (this really surprised me)

+ Less bloating and leaned out around my stomach area

+ Weight loss of 3 kg to date

+ Less hunger and no cravings

The greatest part of this journey has been how connected and re-inspired I feel when cooking and creating delicious meals that are satisfying me nutritionally.

I am a flexible person and would like to mention that I do not eat this way 100% of the time, during this month I have eaten out at restaurants and cafes where I really don't know how clean the meals are and have enjoyed small quantities of dairy and gluten. I have also adopted intermittent fasting during the week and eat my first meal of the day at around 1 pm and my second at 6:30 - 7 pm depending on the day.

Since sharing my experience I have received a lot of positive feedback from my audience and am frequently asked where I find my recipes and the inspiration to create delicious meals. This post is for you! Somewhere I can share my sample meals and Paleo preparation. For me to be successful with anything I need to be two things: organised and prepared. To make sure I eat this way during a busy week of work, exercise and social commitments I do a big weekly grocery shop on the weekend and some basic food prep.

Here is a sample shopping list to follow. No one week shop is the same, living in Darwin buying organic produce varies a lot on availability and what's in season. This is what I generally purchase when it comes to fresh produce and meat. Where possible buy organic for fresh produce, organic/grass fed/pasture raised for meats and eggs and wild caught for seafood. Make the best choices you can within your own circumstances. My philosophy is 'health isn't about being perfect but making good consistent choices'.

Now that I have fresh produce and meat available I spend a few hours on Sunday or during the week to prepare. What I have found easiest is to cook a few different protein options, chop up some raw vegetables and roast a tray of mixed vegetables. This way I have a selection of ingredients I can make meals with for lunch or dinner when I'm busy during the week.

Here are some examples:

+ Roast chicken

+ Beef patties

+ Boiled Eggs

+ Chop 1/2 cabbage

+ Grate carrot

+ Wash and clean lettuce

+ Roast a big batch of veggies

+ Boil greens

I enjoy many of Pete Evans Paleo cookbooks and recipes which I draw inspiration from, plus a great program I recently participated in - 9v9 Veggie Challenge by Helen Padarin and Alice Nicholls who are constantly sharing their meals on social media.

Here are some of the meals I make regularly throughout the week

That's it guys! My advice is have fun with the food you eat, make it colourful and change it up. Pay attention to how you feel after eating certain foods and use your intuition. As mentioned before health is not about being perfect!

I look forward to continuing to share my experience with you and see how I feel in another month. I really feel that this will be a life long change I have embraced but I am flexible and open to changes.

Please leave a comment or share with someone who might be interested, I always appreciate your feedback!

Irena x

I'd like to make a disclaimer; I am not a doctor and I am simply sharing my personal experience. As always I liked to advise and recommend my readers to consult with a health professional whenever making any changes to medication.

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