• Irena Gerakios

What happens when you stand in your truth

Updated: May 21, 2018

I feel inspired to share this journal entry with you about my experience in what happens when you stand in your truth. When I say 'stand in your truth' I mean living life in full alignment. Living in a way that is true to you and no one else.

The first thing that happens is - you REPEL people.

Quite literally, people will be repelled by you. Do you know why? Many people cannot stand to be surrounded or in company by those who stand true in who they are. It makes them uncomfortable. The people who will be repelled are those who are not standing in their truth. In a society where we are told how to dress, act, look and speak we are conditioned to follow everyone and become clones of each other. Those who cannot stand in their truth will be threatened by you for living yours.

I have repelled people in my life because I stand in my truth. I am not willing to conform to their ideology of how I should live my life or spend my time. They will make claims such as 'you're always busy', 'come on, just have one drink', 'you're so young! you don't know what you're missing out on' so forth. An example is when someone wants you to live life on their terms.

Living your truth means you have an unwavering knowing, desire and drive in what you do. It doesn't matter what anyone else says or does. You will do you and that, pisses people off.

The second thing that happens is - you ATTRACT people.

Your life begins to fill with those who stand in their truth and live in alignment with who they are. Those who surround you are inspired, likeminded beings who have no time for petty drama because they are busy getting on with life and living their purpose. You will enjoy spending time with these people because they are your people. They are light.

Standing in your truth and living in alignment can be scary and at times lonely, especially when you feel as if you are in the season of repelling people. My personal experience is that in order to live life the way YOU desire and is right to you, that is necessary. Be patient and trust that you will meet people who stand in their truth and share the same values and morals as you.

Most importantly, always stand in your truth.

Living your truth and saying YES to your soul is far more important than living up to others expectations.

No matter how uncomfortable it can make you AND others feel.

Irena x

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