Essential Oils

In 2014 I was introduced to essential oils.

After experiencing the calming effects of doTERRA's grounding blend

I knew I needed these oils in my life.

That was the beginning of an incredible journey.

I have since had the opportunity to share the magic of these oils with my friends, family and broader community. It didn't take me long to realise everyone could benefit from them

in one way or another.

For some it was to help reduce occasional stress and anxiety, for others to help promote restful sleep and for many to reduce the toxic load they experience daily.

I now lead a community of essential oil lovers known as The Green Oil Tribe who embrace these bottles of magic and have incorporated them into every area of their lives. 

It is my absolute pleasure to educate and empower my tribe with the tools and resources they need to make small shifts that lead to big changes.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds extracted from different parts of plants. As pure extracts from nature they can be used for a range of emotional and physical benefits.

I've already shared how others use the essential oils, now I'd like to tell you how I use them in my arsenal
  • Replace synthetic fragrances 

  • Use as skincare to reduce blemishes and improve overall complexion

  • Use in cooking for flavour and boost immunity

  • Replace toxic chemicals and use to clean

  • Support emotions when feeling overwhelmed or anxious

  • Soothe muscle tension and discomfort

  • Reduce pain associated with menstrual cycle

  • Support the immune system

  • Relieve occasional sleeplessness

  • Help with focus and concentration

  • Aid in detoxification

  • Cleanse and purify the air

  • Enhance mindfulness and prayer

  • Support digestive and respiratory systems

I meant it when I said EVERYONE could benefit from them..

Ready to get started?

Joining is simple! Let's set you up with your own wholesale account so you can get these amazing essential oils delivered straight to your door.

OPTION 1: Choose an enrollment kit best suited to your needs (The Home Essentials Kit is my favourite and the most popular). Purchasing a kit waives our usual $35 membership fee and get's you the best value.

OPTION 2: Pay the one-off $35 membership fee to get your essential oils at the same price as me. Choose which oils you want and add them to your cart with your 'Introductory Welcome Packet' to create your own custom kit. When looking at the product guide make sure to note the wholesale prices in the bold column.


Step 1: Head to

Step 2: Click 'Join & Save'

Step 3: Choose country and language that is appropriate for you. For Australia choose “LOCAL”

Step 4: Choose "Wholesale Customer" if you are only interested in having access to our 25% discount or "Wellness Advocate" if you are interested in receiving the same discount but also having the opportunity to earn commission by sharing the oils with your friends and family. Please note you can always upgrade your account from "Wholesale Customer" to "Wellness Advocate" at any future date for free.

Step 5: Enter your personal information

Step 6: At Enroller ID, enter my number: 1308400, click verify (It should show my name - Irena Vazanellis)

Step 7: Give yourself an easy to remember password and click onto the next page

Step 8: Select your enrollment kit as you see them displayed up the top. If you are not purchasing a kit please choose 'Welcome Introductory Packet' for $35 and then type in the individual products you want in the box eg. Petal diffuser. I recommend adding a fractionated coconut oil to all orders to use to dilute your oils for sensitive skin, babies and children

*The $35 fee is waived with all enrollment kits

Step 9: Complete payment options to finalise your order

Step 10: The Loyalty Rewards Program - this part is completely optional but if you are ready to create another order for next month and begin growing your collection affordably feel free to set it up now, I recommend the Mood Management Kit. LRP is a great way to grow your collection slowly and affordably by adding new oils and other doTERRA's natural products into your home whilst being rewarded with points you can cash in for free products. If you'd like to learn more please contact me.

Now that you're signed up you will receive a confirmation email with your log in ID and password. I will be in touch with you soon to plug you into our private Facebook group for education and support.

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